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dirty screen eclosure

How to Clean your Screen Enclosure

A dirty screen enclosure can be a real eyesore. Whether it is your pool enclosure or your lanai, no one likes moldy and dusty screens. Unfortunately, cleaning your enclosure is key to preserving the life of your screen as well as the frame. It is not difficult work, but can seem tedious. We will discuss a few methods today.


By far the most convenient method is to power wash the screen and frame of your enclosure. The combination of hot and pressurized water will blast off the majority of the mold and grime from your screen and enclosure. Please make sure you start off on a low pressure and build up to the necessary pressure to remove the build up. You do not want to start to strong and damage your screen.


If there is any spots that you cannot blast clean, no problem. We have two different solutions that you can use to scrub those areas. First is the bleach solution. Get a gallon bucket and add 3 quarts of warm water and one quart of liquid chlorine bleach. Make sure you are wearing gloves to avoid a bleach burn. Also, you may want to give any nearby plants a good soak with the water hose in case they get any unwanted bleach on them. Next soak a soft bristled brush or sponge in the solution and use it to wipe clean any mold or dirt. Once finished, rinse your screen with the water hose and repeat if necessary.


If your not excited about the bleach, you can use a 50 – 50 mix of warm water and white vinegar. Repeat the above steps with your vinegar solution to clean your enclosure. Don’t worry, when the screen and frame dries, the vinegar smell will dissipate.

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Cleaning your screen enclosure isn’t that difficult. As you now know, you do not need any special chemicals or tools. Please keep in mind that you will have to work from a ladder to complete this task. To clean the roof of your pool enclosure, a walk board is recommended over a ladder. This can get dangerous, especially if you are attempting this alone, so if you’re a little apprehensive, call The Screen Guys.

Disgusting Gutter

Tips on How to Clean your Gutter

Its going to be Fall soon and that means your going to need to clean out your gutter. Let’s face it, cleaning gutters is a grimy job. No one wants to do it. However, cleaning your gutter is a necessary evil. Yes it’s tedious, and you’ll most likely sweat but, you’ve got to do it or pay someone else to. So, here are a few quick tips on how to tackle a task that to some may seem a herculean feat.

Dirty Gutter  Cleaning Gutter on your home can be accomplished with a few simple tools. You’re going to need a trowel, at least a gallon size bucket, a water hose and a ladder. Your going to need gloves as well. Depending on how long you’ve put this off, you may find cockroaches or even snakes in your gutter. Set your ladder up in a safe position, place the trowel in the bucket and climb up to your gutter. Shovel the debris into your bucket until the gutters are clear. Now, this may take several trips up and down the ladder depending on the size bucket you are comfortable lugging around so, be prepared. With that finished, set your ladder at the point furthest from the downspout, climb up and wash the gutter out with your water hose. If the downspout is clogged, remove the bottom elbow of the downspout. Then run your water hose up the bottom of the downspout until you clear the clog. If this does not work, try a plumber’s snake.

I know what you’re thinking, there has got to be a better way. Well, there is. It requires you to buy, or craft, a gutter attachment for your water hose that allows you to clean the gutters from the ground. You can craft the attachment out of PVC pipe. You will need enough 1/2″ PVC pipe to reach above your gutter height, 2 90 degree PVC elbows, PVC cement and a threaded hose adapter for the water hose. If you do not have the time or desire to craft your own gutter attachment, you can buy an attachment for as little as $20 at any major hardware store.

Cleaning Gutters is not fun, it’s dirty work. If you put it off too long, it will cause damage to your roof or fascia that could cost you down the road. When attempting to clean your own gutters, always remember safety first. If the job requires a tall ladder, you may want to call The Screen Guys. All that said, clean your gutters on a regular basis and after every major storm or you may be stuck with a massive mess and an expensive repair.

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Call the Screen Guys and your gutters will be spic and span!!