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When is it Time to Re-screen Your Pool Enclosure and Should You Do It

If you have been enjoying your pool enclosure, screened lanai or screened porch for the last 5 years or more, you may notice your screen sagging or the stitching coming apart. These are real eyesores that can inhibit your desire to invite friends and family into your pool enclosure or lanai. We will discuss how to tell when and If your screened enclosure needs new screen.


Every 5 to 8 years your screen may start to deteriorate. The spline that holds the screen in place will start to shrink and cause the screen to sag. You may also see the stitching of the screen pulling apart. This will cause more bugs and debris to slip through the screen into your enclosure. It can also change your view by throwing shadows in new arrays you aren’t used to. You will need to replace the screen to continue enjoying your favorite home addition.


The question you will have to ask yourself is this: can I just replace the problem screens or, am I going to have to replace all the screens? If you notice some minor rips or tears in a few of your screen panels, you can get away with replacing just those panels. However, if you are noticing the screen sag or unravel at the stitching, even if it is only a couple of panels, it is only a matter of time before it happens to all of your screen panels. If you notice this, it is time for a full rescreen of your enclosure.


Now, rescreening your enclosure may seem easy in theory. Practically speaking, it is a cumbersome job that could take you several days depending on the size of your enclosure and your experience level. We suggest you call the Screen Guys to fully rescreen your enclosure. We have an experienced crew that can complete the rescreen in one day or less.  We will also replace your door kits and any missing or loose screws as well as a light pressuring washing of your enclosure for free. Call the Screen Guys today for a free estimate.